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This is a full feature lenght movie that was shot in 35 mm film. It is a movie based on a story that happed after the wasr in Cambodia in 1975. Two millions of Cambodia died during the war plus another two million died after by the famous buthcer Pol Pot and his gang. The filmmaker himself lost most of his family. He escaped on foot to the next door country, Thailand, then the United States of America.
It is a movie deserves the most attention. "If you haven't gone through the feeling of loosing your love ones" said Sam Ung, the filmmaker, then you must watche this movie.
It is easier to make a movie when you have money to hire telented people to work for you. But, the filmmaker had nothing to start with. He wanted to tell the story to the world so badly that he had to learn the whole business by volontering his times, save money by buying and selling film equipment, bartered to bring this movie to life.


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A movie shot on Digital High Definition format. It is a story of the living people trapped in death world. An action adventure movie made by Sam Ung.

Don't miss the opportunity to see this suspenseful movie.

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The Arp

 A suspensful action adventure movie shot in High Definition format. The story involves a beautiful high school girl who trapped into a killing spree by an in-the-body evil. Worst is she can do a damn thing about it.

could she get out ot this mess?

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